ISN Nexus Symposium in 2014

ISN Nexus Symposium in 2014

03-04-2014 - 06-04-2014 Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Italy

The ISN Nexus 2014 Bergamo symposium will bring together scientists, clinicians and regulators to define new frameworks towards efficient drug discovery and clinical trials in kidney disease.

The ISN Nexus 2014 Bergamo symposium, titled "New Era of Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials in Kidney Disease", will bring together scientists in academia and the pharmaceutical sector, clinicians and regulators, to define new frameworks towards efficient drug discovery and clinical trials in kidney disease.

The format of ISN’s Nexus Symposia is uniquely tailored to focus on important new information and advances in a specific field of clinical relevance. These symposia strongly support the translational approach to disease management and have a clear objective of providing physicians with new insights and hands-on information that they can instantly apply.

The ISN Nexus Symposia format allows for focused and in-depth discussions, networking and exchange of ideas among scientists and physicians who recognize the luxury of focusing on one specific topic that has strong clinical relevance. The translational nature of the content is amplified by an inter-speciality approach which provides an additional viewpoint and increased appreciation and understanding of the complexities of a disease.

ISN Nexus Symposia bridge the gap between basic research and clinical practice and offer a profound focus on translational medicine and clinical application.

The program pillars for the symposium are:

  • Target validation and rationale behind drug discovery
  • Efficient, exploratory first-in-human clinical trials for renal drugs
  • Global networking of clinical trials
  • New framework of collaboration between academia, pharma and government/regulatory authorities

Topical highlights will include:

  • New targets relevant to kidney disease
  • Unmet medical needs
  • Target validation
  • Advancement of drug discovery technologies
  • Exploratory clinical trials
  • Surrogate biomarkers
  • Molecular imaging
  • Monitoring of renal toxicity
  • Clinical sessions
  • Clinical end-points
  • Protocols of clinical trials

The number of newly approved drugs continue to decrease despite a growing number of kidney patients. This Nexus symposium will provide cutting-edge lectures on recent advances in drug discovery and clinical trials kidney disease.

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