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Oxford BioMedica gets US and French go-ahead to resume recruitment into ocular clinical trials


Oxford BioMedica has received agreement from the US Food and Drug Administration and the French regulatory…

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Oxford BioMedica earns Pfizer milestone


UK, gene-based biopharma company Oxford BioMedica (LSE: OXB) says it has received a $1 million milestone…

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Oxford BioMedica to close US trial of TroVax due to "changing landscape"


UK gene-based biopharma company Oxford BioMedica (LSE: OXB) says that it plans to close the Phase II…

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Oxford BioMedica in glaucoma R&D accord with Mayo Clinic


UK-based Oxford BioMedica (LSE: OXB) has entered into an R&D collaboration with the USA’s Mayo Clinic…

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