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US lawmakers question price of Gilead’s Sovaldi

US lawmakers question price of Gilead’s Sovaldi


Three leading US Congressmen have written to John Martin, chief executive of US biotech firm Gilead Sciences,…

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OncoMed CEO presses for better environment for biopharma innovation, at House hearings


The case for encouraging biopharma innovation was presented yesterday at the US House Committee on Oversight…

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USA’s BIO expresses serious concerns on Innovation Act, HR 3309


The US trade group Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has expressed grave concerns relating to…

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California Assembly passes controversial biosimilars bill


In the USA this week, the California Assembly has passes legislation that would allow pharmacists to…

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Pharma associations strongly support Senate bill on FDA User Fees sequestration exemptions


In the USA last week, Mark Pryor (Democrat, Arkansas), chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee…

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HAI Europe questions pharma commitment to clinical trial data transparency, claiming leaked documents suggest otherwise


Consumer advocacy Health Action International (HAI) Europe says it welcomes any initiative that grants…

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Bipartisan Bill exempting FDA user fees from sequestration introduced in USA


A bipartisan group of US House of Representatives Members last week introduced the FDA Safety Over Sequestration…

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US FY 2014 budget continues push to curb patent settlements, shorten biologics exclusivity; a lawyer's view


At first look, the US Food and Drug Administration appears to have fared rather well under President…

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President Obama's 2014 budget proposal a mixed bag for pharma


US President Barack Obama $3.77 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2014 delivers mixed news for the…

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Mixed industry views on Virginia's law on biosimilar substitutions


A new law in the US state of Virginia signed into law last week by Governor Bob McDonnell - designed…

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US biotech giants lobbying to block biosimilars, NTY claims


Some of the USA's biggest biotechnology companies are lobbying intensively to limit generic competition…

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Canadian Senate committee finds faults in current clinical trials system


The absence of a standardized approach to research ethics review significantly impacts the time required…

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US House and Senate reconcile PDUFA reauthorization legislation


The US Congress has released a reconciled Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) reauthorization bill…

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US legislation could block public access to drug safety information, claim consumer groups


A provision in the Food and Drug Administration Reform Act that would block public access to potentially…

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US Senate passing of FDA Safety and Innovation Act lauded by biotech and pharma industry


The US Senate approved the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA), which includes…

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Pharma companies "must be held fully accountable for defrauding US government," says Public Citizen


Public Citizen strongly supports a measure proposed by US Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent, Vermont)…

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Foreign efforts to lure US biopharmaceutical companies


Despite increasing budget pressures, countries around the world are making substantial investments in…

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Sunshine Act data collection delayed to January 2013, says USA's CMS


In a web site posting last week, The US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CSM) announced that…

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BIO asks US House Committee on Ways and Means to extend critical tax provisions; backs Obama Bioeconomy Blueprint


US trade group the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has submitted a statement for the record…

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US Senators Burr and Coburn introduce legislation to reform FDA


US Senators Richard Burr (Republican, North Carolina) and Tom Coburn (Republican, Oklahoma) this week…

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