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South Africa’s NAPM calls for elimination of VAT on medicines


South African trade group the National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (NAPM) has proposed…

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Australian Audit Commission’s “nuclear option to attack the PBS is madness”

Australian Audit Commission’s “nuclear option to attack the PBS is madness”


The Australian National Commission of Audit’s complete dismantling and destruction of the Pharmaceutical…


Pharma associations strongly support Senate bill on FDA User Fees sequestration exemptions


In the USA last week, Mark Pryor (Democrat, Arkansas), chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee…

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Tightening health budgets on both sides of the Atlantic leading to crackdowns on patent settlements, says EIU analyst


Later this month, following an inquiry launched in 2009, the European Commission is expected to impose…

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Australia's 2013-14 Budget includes investment in health services and PBS


The Australian government today (May 14) presented its Budget for 2013-2014, saying that it delivers…


Mixed views from PhRMA and GPhA on Obama's State of the Union Address


There were mixed reactions from two sides of the US drug industry - research-based and generic drugmakers…

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Pharma vs the world: Big Pharma caught between investors and public


Big Pharma today encounters a variety of pressures from generics manufacturers, governments, patient…

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