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DMC clears Merck & Co’s Alzheimer’s drug MK-8931 development

DMC clears Merck & Co’s Alzheimer’s drug MK-8931 development


The development program for MK-8931, a novel investigational oral beta-amyloid precursor protein site-cleaving…

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Merck & Co wins Fosamax federal bellwether trial over atypical femur fracture claims


A US has jury found in favor of pharma giant Merck & Co (NYSE: MRK) in the Glynn versus Merck case in…

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Another Fosamax trial success for Merck & Co


US drugs giant Merck & Co (NYSE: MRK) says that a federal court jury in New York found in its favor in…

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Two US FDA advisory panels say osteoporosis drugs need label changes


Experts advising the US Food and Drug Administration have recommended revised labeling for bisphosphonates,…

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Canadian Superior Court refuses authorization for class action against Merck & Co


Canada’s Quebec Superior Court recently dismissed a motion filed by Option consommateurs for authorization…

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