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Candida Albicans

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Japan stock market week to April 17, 2006


Tokyo saw a retreat in the week to April 17, when the Nikkei 225 fell 2.6%, although the index maintained...

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Fujisawa updates status of pipeline


Following the announcement of its proposed merger with fellow Japanese firm Yamanouchi (Marketletter…

Aczone GelAdenocardAdenosineAventis PharmaCandida AlbicansCandinDapsoneKetekNystatinOralPrografProtopictacrolimusTelithromycin

Fujisawa's Funguard sales up on forecast


Japanese firm Fujisawa Pharmaceuticals' candin antifungal agent Funguard for Drip Infusion (micafungin…

Candida AlbicansCandinMicafungin SodiumMycamine

Kaken, Elitra to ally on antifungal R&D


Kaken Pharmaceutical of Japan and the USA's Elitra Pharmaceuticals haveentered into a multi-year collaboration…

Candida AlbicansCandin

1 to 9 of 22 results

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