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Market for addiction treatments set to rise to $3.8 billion, forecasts new report


The world market for medicines that treat addiction disorders is currently valued at US$3.2bn is set…

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Prescription drug abuse in USA "poses public health threat"


A national alliance of families, the pharmaceutical industry, patients, consumer groups, and drug abuse…

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EC to negotiate with Russia on drug precursors


On March 23, the Council of the European Commission agreed on a mandate for the Commission to start negotiations…

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EU deal with China to protect IPR, and prevent illicit imports for drug production


European Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs, responsible for Taxation and Customs, has signed an Action Plan…

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Merck KGaA/Concateno take abuse testing to India


Concateno, Europe's largest provider of drug and alcohol testing programs, has entered an exclusive arrangement…

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US drug wholesaler hit with $34M fine


The second largest US pharmaceutical wholesaler, Cardinal Health, has agreed to settle allegations that…

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EU Competition Council tackles fake products


The European Commission has welcomed a resolution from the European Union's Competitiveness Council for…

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US Rx painkiller overdoses on the rise


Research presented at the USA's National Safety Council meeting in Anaheim, California, has revealed…

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