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Denileukin Diftitox

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Japan's Eisai spreads its wings with $325 million acquisition of USA's Morphotek


In what it describes as a "dramatic leap towards biologic therapeutics," Japan's fourth-largest pharmaceutical…

AlitretinoinAriceptbexaroteneDenileukin DiftitoxdonepezilEisaiOntakPanretinTargretin

Ligand finalizes sale of oncology line to Eisai


San Diego, USA-based Ligand Pharmaceuticals says it has completed the sale of its oncology product line…

AlitretinoinbexaroteneDenileukin DiftitoxEisaiOntakPanretinTargretin

Japan stock market week to Sept 11, 2006


Tokyo saw a pullback in the week ended September 11 following see-saw movements. The Nikkei 225 fell…

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Ligand's 1st-qtr 2006 revenues up 38%


USA-based drug developer Ligand Pharmaceuticals says that its first-quarter 2006 losses, which hit $137.1…

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Ligand buys down Ontak royalties


The USA's Ligand Pharmaceuticals has exercised the final option under its November 2004 agreement with…

Denileukin DiftitoxLillyOntak

Ligand to buy down Lilly Ontak royalties


Ligand Pharmaceuticals, which acquired the US rights to the cancer drug Ontak (denileukin diftitox) from…

Denileukin DiftitoxLillyOntak

1 to 9 of 35 results

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