Germany's IQWiG finds in favor of Yervoy but not Benlysta or Fampyra


The German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) in the past few days issued a…

BenlystaBiogen IdecBiotechnologyBristol-Myers SquibbEuropeFampyraGlaxoSmithKlineNeurologicalOncologyPharmaceuticalPricingRare diseasesRegulationYervoy

UK NICE gives draft "No" to Benlysta, and negative final guidance for Tyverb and Herceptin


There was a batch of bad news emanating from the US drugs watchdog the National Institute for Health…

Anti-Arthritics/RheumaticsBenlystaEuropeGlaxoSmithKlineHerceptinOncologyPharmaceuticalPricingRare diseasesRegulationRocheTyverb

UK NICE negative on Sanofi’s Jevtana and GSK’s Benlysta but positive on ALK-Abello’s Pharmalgen


UK drugs watchdog the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) this morning issued…

Alk-AbelloBenlystaEuropeGlaxoSmithKlineJevtanaOncologyPharmaceuticalPharmalgenPricingRare diseasesRegulationRespiratory and PulmonarySanofi

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