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More collaboration needed to raise vaccination rates in developing nations, says analyst


More collaboration is needed between pharmaceuticals companies, public health organizations and governments…


EMA reports on patient recruitment and geographical location of clinical trials


Almost 62% of the patients in pivotal trials submitted in marketing-authorisation applications (MAAs)…


GlaxoSmithKline and A*STAR's ICES to develop medicines for emerging markets


UK pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline (LSE: GSK) and Singapore-based A*STAR's Institute of Chemical and Engineering…


CNS therapeutics market facing downward pressure as branded drugs continue to expire


The global central nervous system (CNS) therapeutics market has been forecast to reach $133 billion by…

GenericsGlobalMarkets & MarketingNeurologicalPharmaceutical

Injectable drug delivery market set to grows to $43.3 billion by 2017


The global injectable drug delivery market was valued at $22.5 billion in 2012; it is expected to reach…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceutical

Clinigen acquires oncology support therapy Cardioxane from Novartis


UK-based Clinigen Group (LSE: CLIN) says it has acquired (AIM: CLIN) the oncology support therapy Cardioxane…

CardioxaneClinigen GroupGlobalMergers & AcquisitionsNovartisOncologyPharmaceutical

Lundbeck could get $825 million in further deal with Otsuka, for Alzheimer's drug condidate


Danish CNS specialist Lundbeck (LUN: CO) has entered a license and development agreement for its Lu AE58054,…

GlobalLicensingLu AE58054LundbeckNeurologicalOtsukaPharmaceutical

INTERPOL and Pharma launch global initiative to combat fake medicines


Combating the global scourge of fake medicines, which threatens the health of millions of people, is…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalRegulation

Medicines Patent Pool and ViiV Healthcare collaborate to treat pediatric HIV


The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) this week announced the launch of a new collaboration with ViiV Healthcare…

AbacavirAnti-viralsGenericsGlobalPatentsPharmaceuticalViiV Healthcare

OECD urges harmonization of clinical trial regulations to boost medical R&D


Increasingly complex and inconsistent clinical trial regulations are causing delays, raising costs and…


Revenue growth optimism in pharmaceutical industry: 2013 surveys report


According to new global pharmaceutical industry surveys on buyer spend and procurement strategies, 55%…

FinancialGlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceutical

Antithrombotic drug market forecast to reach $24.3 billion in 2015


The global antithrombotic drug market will reach a value of $24.3 billion in 2015, compared with $22.7…

Cardio-vascularGlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceutical

BRIC countries' breast cancer market to see 8% annual growth to 2017


The market for breast cancer therapies in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will grow…

GlaxoSmithKlineGlobalHerceptinMarkets & MarketingOncologyPharmaceuticalRocheTykerb

India to expand presence in global generics market


India plans to significantly expand its presence in the global generics market during the next several…

GenericsGlobalMarkets & Marketing

Generic statins to slash global market value by 2018


The introduction of generic statins has kick-started a decline that will see the global statins market…

Cardio-vascularGenericsGlobalMarkets & Marketing

Health care M&A spending falls nearly 40% in 2012, lowest year on record since 2003; report


In 2012, dealmakers committed $143.3 billion to finance the year's activity in the health care merger,…

BiotechnologyGlobalMergers & AcquisitionsPharmaceutical

Effectiveness and variability of patient recruitment and retention practices; Tufts CSDD


While nine out of 10 clinical trials worldwide meet their patient enrollment goals, reaching those targets…


New report shows major increase in pharmaceutical R&D for neglected diseases


R&D, health system capacity-strengthening efforts, and medicine donations comprise the pharmaceutical…

GlobalPharmaceuticalRare diseasesResearchTropical diseases

Need for global policy innovation to tackle the "Silent Pandemic" that is hepatitis C, says EIU report


There is an urgent need for countries around the world to develop strategies to tackle head-on the growing…

Anti-viralsBiotechnologyGlobalHealthcareMarkets & MarketingPharmaceutical

MEPS urge EU action to combat "biopiracy"


MEPS urge EU action to combat "biopiracy"


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