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Physicians views on EGFR wild-type/untested NSCLC treatment

Physicians views on EGFR wild-type/untested NSCLC treatment


According to surveyed US and European oncologists, improvement in efficacy endpoints are the most influential…

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EMA says that vials of falsified Herceptin have been identified

EMA says that vials of falsified Herceptin have been identified


The European Medicines Agency says it has been informed that vials of Swiss drug major Roche’s blockbuster…


Latest Australian PBS Listings include medicines for children

Latest Australian PBS Listings include medicines for children


Ten new medicines to treat a range of illnesses from rare forms of cancer to skin conditions will be…


Shifting payment dynamics for colorectal cancer and renal cell carcinoma treatment

Shifting payment dynamics for colorectal cancer and renal cell carcinoma treatment


The increasing use of clinical pathway programs, accountable care organizations (ACOs) and bundled payments…


Merck Serono’s Erbitux to be funded by CDF in England for mCRC


The UK’s Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) says that Erbitux (cetuximab) can be used in the first line setting…

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Australian patients benefit from PBS changes; cancer research


New medicines for glaucoma, diabetes and advanced soft tissue sarcoma have been approved for listing…


UK’s NICE publishes new standards to improve care for children and young people with cancer


All children and young people with cancer should have the opportunity to take part in relevant clinical…

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Lung cancer treatment takes another forward step in New Zealand

Lung cancer treatment takes another forward step in New Zealand


Improvements in lung cancer treatment are set to continue with a decision for New Zealand’s Pharmaceutical…


New Brazilian law favors home treatment of cancer patients


Starting next year, supplemental and private health insurance companies in Brazil will be required to…

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UK’s Cancer Drugs Fund gets £400 million boost for life-saving drugs

UK’s Cancer Drugs Fund gets £400 million boost for life-saving drugs


Thousands of cancer patients in England will get life-saving drugs thanks to an extra £400 million invested…


Pressure mounts on UK government on future of the Cancer Drugs Fund


A new survey in the UK has found that four in five adults want the National Health Service to offer levels…


Developing cancer cures is top priority for Americans, survey shows


A new survey commissioned by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) shows 86%…

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Outpatient chemotherapy administered in US hospitals increased by more than 150% since 2005


A new study released by The Moran Company finds that, between 2005 and 2011, the relative number of chemotherapy…

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Merck & Co's Gardasil and GSK's Cervarix to be available to developing countries via UNICEF tender


A new record low price for human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines will help ensure millions of girls in…

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Australia to review way chemotherapy is funded


Australia's Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek has announced a major review into the way chemotherapy…


More research needed on causes of leukemia, as growing lifespan of patients enables study, says GlobalData


Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) patients are now able to access more successful treatment, which has led…

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Prime market access levers for molecularly targeted oncology agents


In the EU5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK), interviewed payers and surveyed oncologists…


HER2-positive breast cancer patients prefer faster subcutaneous administration of Herceptin to IV


Results from the PrefHer (Patient Preference for Subcutaneous (SC) versus Intravenous (IV) Herceptin)…


Survey reveals 98.9% of US physicians experienced cancer drug shortages in last 12 months


The Community Oncology Alliance (COA), a US non-profit organization, announced the results of a drug…

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Economic burden of cancer in Europe exceeds 124 billion euros a year


New studies that reveal for the first time the real economic and human costs of caring for cancer patients…


Scotland denies access to Roche skin cancer drug Zelboraf, but OKs Novartis' Gilenya


Swiss drug major Roche (ROG SIX) says it is "extremely disappointed" that the Scottish Medicines Consortium…


First-line multiple myeloma patient share in Europe is variable by country


Despite the considerable heterogeneity across different European countries, surveyed hematologist-oncologists…

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