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New Zealand proposal for paliperidone, risperidone and olanzapine depot injections funding

New Zealand proposal for paliperidone, risperidone and olanzapine depot injections funding


New Zealand’s Pharmaceutical Management Agency PHARMAC is seeking feedback on a proposal to fund paliperidone…

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UK lags behind some European countries in biosimilars uptake, new study finds


New research has shown that the UK lags behind some European countries in terms of biosimilars uptake,…

CellTrionepoetinEuropeFilgrastimGenericsHealthcareinfliximabJohnson & JohnsonRemsima

Focus on weight-loss drugs in Latin America


The increasing prevalence of obesity in Brazil and Mexico is encouraging its governments to consider…

Abbott LaboratoriesArena PharmaceuticalsBelviqByettaGastro-intestinalsHealthcareJohnson & JohnsonNovo NordiskPharmaceuticalQsymiaReductilRocheSouth AmericaTopamaxVictozaVivusXenical

Australia to subsidize groundbreaking hepatitis C drugs under PBS


The Australian government said on February 19 that it is extended subsidies of important medicines each…

Anti-viralsAsia-PacificFinancialHealthcareIncivoJohnson & JohnsonMerck & CoPharmaceuticalPricingVictrelis

Big Pharma doing more for access to medicine in developing countries than two years ago


The latest Access to Medicine Index, which ranks the top 20 pharmaceutical companies on their efforts…

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First-line multiple myeloma patient share in Europe is variable by country


Despite the considerable heterogeneity across different European countries, surveyed hematologist-oncologists…

AlkeranBiotechnologyCelgeneGlaxoSmithKlineHealthcareJohnson & JohnsonMarkets & MarketingOncologyPharmaceuticalThalomidVelcade

USA and China plan increasing private-public collaboration in the health care sector


On the occasion of the State Visit of China’s President Hu Jintao to the USA last week, the USA’s…

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