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Levothyroxine Sodium

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Harmful drug-drug interactions for thyroid medicines identified


Thyroid drugs, which are among the most frequently prescribed medicines in the USA, may adversely interact…

EstrogensLevo-TLevothyroxine SodiumLevothyroxine Sodium TabletsLevoxylMenestNovothyroxSertraline HclSynthroidThyro-TabsZoloft

Revised monograph for levothyroxine to be issued in USA


The US Pharmacopeial Convention is in the process of revising its monograph for levothyroxine sodium,…

Levo-TLevothroidLevothyroxine SodiumLevothyroxine Sodium TabletsLevoxylNovothyroxSynthroidThyro-TabsUnithroid

FDA moves to ensure thyroid drug potency


The US Food and Drug Administration says that it is tightening potency specifications for levothyroxine…

Abbott LaboratoriesLevothroidLevothyroxine SodiumLevoxylSynthroidThyro-TabsUnithroid

1 to 9 of 85 results

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