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Despite focus on generics, South Korean pharma market to reach $24.3 billion by 2020

Despite focus on generics, South Korean pharma market to reach $24.3 billion by 2020


As a result of a high level of access to health care insurance and reimbursement, coupled with increasing…

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EGA president seeks partnership with Italian government on generics and biosimilars


The president of the European Generic Medicines Association (EGA), Nick Haggar, attended the Stati Generali…

BiosimilarsEuropeGenericsItalyMarkets & MarketingPolitics

Macroeconomic developments currently looming over Turkey’s pharma market

Macroeconomic developments currently looming over Turkey’s pharma market


Turkey's pharmaceutical market has faced stifling regulatory control over the last five years, which…

EuropeMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPoliticsTurkey

Report: Egypt’s pharma spending up 12% in 2013 and predicted to keep rising


Political turmoil is having a mixed impact on Egypt’s pharmaceutical and health care sector, according…

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Australia needs policies that increase generic medicine use


Australia’s Generic Medicines Industry Association strongly refutes claims by the Consumer Health Forum…

Asia-PacificGenericsMarkets & MarketingPolitics

Russian government to change rules on public procurement of drugs


The Russian government is considering providing permission for the state purchases of essential drugs,…

EuropeMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPolitics

Brazil's President signs anti-bribery statute


As largely expected, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has signed the Brazilian Clean Companies Act,…

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India must address worrying stock out of tuberculosis drugs, says MSF


The Indian government must urgently address the persistent issues and almost routine delays of procuring…

Antibiotics and Infectious diseasesAsia-PacificHealthcareMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPolitics

"Falsified Medicines - the Cost to Public Health"


A recent report by the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy - EU ( has highlighted the significant…

EuropeMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPoliticsRegulation

Government programs play huge role in growth of Turkey's health care market; F&S report


Government funding, growth and consolidation of the middle class, and the rise in non-communicable diseases…

BiotechnologyEuropeHealthcareMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPolitics

Government health care reforms foster development China's Pharma market, says F&S


Rising incomes, improving health care infrastructure and enhanced insurance systems have propelled the…

Asia-PacificGenericsHealthcareMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPolitics

Spanish pharma market will continue falling, at least until 2017


The Spanish pharmaceutical market has evolved in a parallel way to the economic crisis. Drug sales started…

EuropeMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPoliticsPricing

Italy's pharma market slump set to continue, warns GlobalData


The value of Italy's pharmaceutical market will continue to fall in the foreseeable future, due to government…

EuropeGenericsMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPoliticsPricing

Executives call for pharmaceutical reform in China


In order to reduce drug costs, the government-led bidding system for medicine purchased by public hospitals…

Asia-PacificHealthcareMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPolitics

Proposed Russian drug law "puts patients' health at risk"


Draft documents limiting the state purchases of foreign medication do not take into account the Russian…

EuropeMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPoliticsRegulation

Global Pharma may leave Russian market due to protectionist policies


The planned imposition of restrictions for the public purchase of imported drugs, initiated by the Russian…

EuropeGenericsMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPoliticsRegulation

Dramatic drop in US pharma exports to Iran


The US Department of Commerce has recently released data, showing that exports of pharmaceutical products…

FinancialMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPoliticsRest of the World

EFPIA welcomes Commission policy strategy agenda to strengthen Pharma competitiveness


The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) welcomes the European Commission…

BiotechnologyEuropeMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPoliticsPricing

Pharma vs the world: Big Pharma caught between investors and public


Big Pharma today encounters a variety of pressures from generics manufacturers, governments, patient…

FinancialGenericsGlobalMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPoliticsSanofi

European governments' austerity pricing tactics support generic drug growth


Government initiatives to cut health expenditure are likely to encourage sales of generic medications…

BiotechnologyEuropeGenericsMarkets & MarketingPoliticsPricing

Russia urged to open up its pharmaceuticals market to Indian imports


Russia should open its booming $19 billion pharmaceuticals market and expedite the list of 500 drugs…

Asia-PacificEuropeGenericsMarkets & MarketingPoliticsRegulation

Pharma companies "must be held fully accountable for defrauding US government," says Public Citizen


Public Citizen strongly supports a measure proposed by US Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent, Vermont)…

BiotechnologyLegalMarkets & MarketingNorth AmericaPharmaceuticalPolitics

Biopharmaceuticals "no longer a growth market" in Germany


After years of consistent growth, the German biopharmaceuticals market came to a juddering halt last…

BiotechnologyEuropeMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPoliticsPricingRegulation

South Africa designates pharmaceuticals for local production


The South African government has announced the designation of certain pharmaceutical products for domestic…

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