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Merck, Ferring and WHO working together to prevent excessive bleeding in women after childbirth

Merck, Ferring and WHO working together to prevent excessive bleeding in women after childbirth


US pharma giant Merck & Co and privately-held Switzerland-headquartered Ferring Pharmaceuticals have…

carbetocinFerring PharmaceuticalsGlobalMarkets & MarketingMerck & CoPharmaceuticalResearchWomen's Health

No increase in risk of autism from taking SSRIs in pregnancy


New research cannot establish a close connection between the use of antidepressant medication - the so-called…

NeurologicalPharmaceuticalResearchWomen's Health

FDA approves Bayer’s Adempas; firm accelerates drug candidates

FDA approves Bayer’s Adempas; firm accelerates drug candidates


The US Food and Drug Administration late yesterday approved Adempas (riociguat), developed by German…

AdempasBayerCardio-vascularcopanlisibfinerenoneNorth AmericaOncologyPharmaceuticalRegulationResearchRespiratory and PulmonaryWomen's Health

Prescription painkiller overdoses has risen 400% in women, says the US CDC


Women in the USA are dying from prescription painkiller overdoses at rates never seen before, according…

Endo Health SolutionsGenericsHealthcareMethadoneOpanaOxyContinPurdue PharmaResearchVicodinWomen's Health

Aspirin may lower risk of melanoma, researchers suggest


A new study has found that women who take aspirin have a reduced risk of developing melanoma - and that…

AspirinOncologyPharmaceuticalResearchWomen's Health

New data on Amgen's Prolia and Merck & Co's odanacatib presented at ASBMR meeting


Amgen (Nasdaq: AMGN), the world's largest biotech firm, has presented data from several Prolia (denosumab)…

AmgenAnti-Arthritics/RheumaticsBiotechnologyMerck & CoodanacatibPharmaceuticalProliaResearchWomen's Health

Depomed says BREEZE 3 data for Serada shows benefits for hot flashes


USA-based Depomed (Nasdaq: DEPO) is presenting two abstracts from its Phase III clinical trial, BREEZE…

DepomedMetabolicsPharmaceuticalResearchSeradaWomen's Health

Depomed to file NDA for Serada; with Valeant sues Watson over Glumetza


US drugmaker Depomed (Nasdaq: DEPO) says that it has completed a Type B pre-New Drug Application meeting…

DepomedDiabetesGenericsGlumetzaNorth AmericaPatentsPharmaceuticalRegulationResearchSeradaValeant PharmaceuticalsWatson PharmaceuticalsWomen's Health

BioSante Pill-Plus improves sexual desire, arousal


US drug developer BioSante Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: BPAX) says that data from studies of the Pill-Plus…

BioSante PharmaceuticalsLicensingPantarhei BiosciencePharmaceuticalPill-PlusReproductiveResearchWomen's Health

Gardasil does not trigger autoimmune conditions; study


US drug giant Merck & Co’s (NYSE: MRK) Gardasil ([human papillomavirus quadrivalent [types 6, 11,…

GardasilMen's HealthMerck & CoNorth AmericaPharmaceuticalResearchVaccinesWomen's Health

BioSante female libido drug flops in Ph III studies


its two pivotal Phase III LibiGel (testosterone gel) efficacy trials, joining the list of failures in…

BioSante PharmaceuticalsBiotechnologyLibiGelResearchWomen's Health

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