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Brazil to resume human insulin production, with a $200+ investment


The resumption of national human insulin production was announced in Brazil this week, at an event in…

Biomm TechnologyDiabetesFiocruzInsulinPharmaceuticalProductionSouth America

Brazil interested in investing $4.5 Billion in Ukraine, including pharma


Brazil has submitted to Ukrainian authorities $4.5 billion worth of investment proposals. "We want to…

DiabetesEuropeFinancialGenericsPharmaceuticalProductionSouth America

Problems for type 2 diabetes prescribing in Brazil and Mexico


Coverage of injectable type 2 diabetes therapies by public programs for pharmaceutical assistance in…

DiabetesMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPricingSouth America

Lack of government funding in Brazil and Mexico holds back use off DPP-IV diabetes drugs


The majority of type 2 diabetes patients in Brazil and Mexico rely heavily or entirely on government-sponsored…

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