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Substitution of brand name tacrolimus with generic proves safe for transplant recipients


The substitution of a brand name immunosuppressive drug with a generic (manufactured by Novartis generics…

Astellas PharmaBiotechnologyGenericsImmunologicalsPrografResearchtacrolimus

US court rejects Astellas’ appeal on generic immunosuppressants


The US District Court in Washington DC has denied the Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction…

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Astellas Announces the Outcome of its Citizen Petition in the USA


Japan’s Astellas Pharma says that its North American affiliate has received notice that the US.…

Asia-PacificAstellas PharmaImmunologicalsNorth AmericaNovartisNystatinOralPharmaceuticalPrografProtopicSandoztacrolimus

Japan stock market week to June 8, 2009


Tokyo continued a three-week upturn in the review period to June 8. The Nikkei 225 was up 1.9% to close...

ActosAspirinBayerCellCeptDaiichi SankyoFamotidineGlipizideGlucotrolMycophenolate MofetilPepcidPioglitazonePrografProtopicSankyotacrolimus

Japan stock market week to May 18, 2009


Tokyo retreated in the week ended May 18, following a two-week uptrend. The Nikkei 225 dropped 4.4%,…

AriceptdonepezilEisaiFlomaxMGI PharmaMontelukast SodiumPrografProtopicSingulairtacrolimusTamsulosin Hydrochloride

1 to 9 of 241 results

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