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UNITAID market power results in price cuts of up to 80% for HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria products


UNITAID's approach to transform health product markets has delivered price reductions of up to 80% for…

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Scientists say new process would make anti-malarial drug less costly


Scientists are reporting development of a new, higher-yield, two-step, less costly process that may ease…

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Fake drugs dashing hopes of controlling malaria in Africa


The emergence of fake and poor quality anti-malarial drugs could dash hopes of controlling malaria in…

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Nigerian government plans local production of anti-malaria drugs


To further reduce the cost of anti-malaria drug and reduce malaria incidence to the barest minimum, the…

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Substandard and counterfeit antimalarial discovered in Ghana by Cooperative Program of USP, Ghana Food and Drugs Board


Substandard and counterfeit versions of thirteen key antimalarial medicines were uncovered in multiple…

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Global Fund and drugmakers in deal to reduce malaria medicine prices by up to 80%


The Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and six manufacturers of quality-assured…

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European drugmakers lead Access to Medicines Index, but are being caught up by US firms


Europe-headquartered pharmaceutical companies have out-competed their US counterparts in making medicines…

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1 to 9 of 10 results

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