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Beta carotene reduces male cognitive decline


A new study conducted by researchers at the USA's Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School,…

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Pakistan polio vaccination campaign


A three-day campaign to "eradicate" polio in Pakistan was launched by the country's Prime Minister, Syed…

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UK release for Basilea's Toctino


Switzerland-based firm Basilea Pharmaceutica has released its Toctino (alitretinoin) oral capsule for…

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Vitamin A can cut infant death risk in LDCs 15%


A single, oral dose of vitamin A, given to infants shortly after birth in the developing world, can reduce…

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Conclusions of Cochrane antioxidants review disputed by Euro and US experts


Experts from the European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers' (EHPM) scientific…

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Elderly urged to change lifestyle to battle AMD


The elderly in the UK are being urged to consider lifestyle changes in a bid to combat age-related...

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One-third of malaria cases cut by vit A and zinc


A study in the Nutrition Journal has found that dietary supplements for children can reduce the incidence…

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VN/14-1 cuts tumor size in cancer models


UK-based charity Cancer Research UK says that, in animal studies, VN/14-1, a compound that blocks the…

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1 to 9 of 41 results

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