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Cardiome in deal for commercialization of Brinavess in Israel


Canada-based Cardiome Pharma (TSX: COM) has entered into an agreement with Tzamal Medical to sell and…

BrinavessCardio-vascularCardiome PharmaLicensingPharmaceuticalRest of the WorldTzamal Medical

Cardiome signs deal with AOP Orphan to market CAF drug Brinavess


Canada-based Cardiome Pharma (TSX: COM) has signed an agreement with Austrian firm AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals…

AOP OrphanBrinavessCardio-vascularCardiome PharmaMerck & CoPharmaceutical

Cardiome gains European MA rights for Brinavess from Merck & Co


Canada-based Cardiome Pharma (TSX: COM) has announced adoption of the decision by the European Commission…

BrinavessCardio-vascularCardiome PharmaEuropeLicensingMerck & CoPharmaceuticalRegulation

Merck & Co returns vernakalant rights to Cardiome


Canada-based Cardiome Pharma (Nasdaq: CRME) saw its shares go into free-fall, dropping 54.4% to close…

BrinavessCardio-vascularCardiome PharmaLicensingMerck & CoPharmaceuticalvernakalant

Merck & Co drops development of oral vernakalant


ug giant Merck & Co (NYSE: MRK) has discontinued further development of the oral formulation of vernakalant,…

BrinavessCardio-vascularCardiome PharmaFinancialMerck & CoPharmaceuticalResearchvernakalant

Merck & Co gets North American and Mexican rights to vernakalant iv from Astellas


US drug giant Merck & Co (NYSE: MRK) has entered into an agreement with Japan’s Astellas Pharma…

Astellas PharmaCardio-vascularCardiome PharmaLicensingMerck & CoNorth AmericaPharmaceuticalvernakalant

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