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Worldwide pharma contract sales revenues to reach $5.24 billion in 2015, says Visiongain


Worldwide pharmaceutical contract sales revenues will reach $5.24 billion in 2015, according to a new…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceutical

Malignant melanoma drug market to grow more than seven-fold to $1.5 billion in 2020


The market for malignant melanoma drugs is forecast to expand more than seven-fold over the next decade,…

dabrafenibGlobalMarkets & MarketingOncologyPharmaceuticaltrametinibYervoyZelboraf

Access to essential HIV/AIDS treatments shows political will as most important factor for success


Access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) has increased dramatically over the last 10 years, according to…

Anti-viralsGlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalPolitics

Key considerations for successful biosimilar development viewed by Quintiles


Regulatory and commercial considerations are the primary drivers for successful biosimilar clinical development,…


Novel disease-modifying therapies will drive MS market to $11.5 billion in 2015


The launch of several premium-priced novel disease-modifying therapies, including four oral agents, will…

BiotechnologyGlobalMarkets & MarketingNeurologicalPharmaceutical

Parkinson's disease drug market to reach $3.75 billion in 2015, says Visiongain


The market for Parkinson's disease drugs will reach a value of $3.754 billion in 2015. This decade, new…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingNeurological

GAVI Alliance delivers on its promise to tackle diarrhea and pneumonia


The GAVI Alliance announced this week that it will provide funding for 16 more developing countries to…


Psoriasis drug market set to see strong growth until 2018, reaching a value of $6.7 million


The psoriasis therapeutics market is forecast to show high growth until 2018 and market research firm…

DermatologicalsGlobalImmunologicalsMarkets & MarketingPharmaceutical

Generic drugs market to reach $358 billion by 2016


This is a time of growth and change for the generic pharmaceuticals sector, according to a new report…

GenericsGlobalMarkets & Marketing

Generic erosion to weigh on unipolar depression drug market


Owing to the generic erosion of blockbuster agents, the unipolar depression drug market - which includes…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingNeurologicalPharmaceutical

High demand for monoclonal antibodies will drive therapeutic proteins market


The global therapeutic proteins market will grow at a moderate pace, with monoclonal antibodies considered…

AmgenBiotechnologyGlobalMarkets & MarketingNovo NordiskPharmaceuticalRoche

Macular edema therapeutics market set to reach $2.57 billion by 2018


The macular edema therapeutics market is forecast to show significant growth until 2018, according to…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingOphthalmicsPharmaceutical

USTR Embraces “TEAM” approach in TPP talks; Senators back 12-year exclusivity for biologics


September 12 marked the beginning of the eighth round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations,…

BiotechnologyGenericsGlobalNorth AmericaPatentsPharmaceuticalPolitics

Global generic drug revenues to reach $137.6 billion in 2015, says Visiongain


Worldwide generic drug revenues will reach a value of $137.6 billion in 2015, according to a new report…

GenericsGlobalMarkets & MarketingPatents

Public views over influenza driving growth in vaccine market, set to reach $52 billion by 2016


In 2007 the world vaccine market was worth nearly $24.5 billion and is forecast to achieve a valuation…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalVaccines

Global pharmacovigilance spending forecast to reach $15.46 billion by 2015


Spending on pharmacovigilance will reach a value of $15.46 billion by 2015, compared with just under…


Major global expansion of Rx-to-OTC switch forecast by 2016


There is a strong case that selected prescription (Rx) drugs today will gain over-the-counter (OTC) status…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceutical

IMS debuts MIDAS Biosimilars, a new market tool for fast-developing pharma segment


IMS Health has launched IMS MIDAS Biosimilars, a market measurement tool that enables clients to assess…

BiotechnologyGenericsGlobalMarkets & Marketing

10% drop in overall disbursements for AIDS response in 2010, as seven out of 15 governments report reductions


Funding disbursements from donor governments for the AIDS response in low- and middle-income countries…


Pharma contract manufacturing revenues to reach $64.07 billion in 2016, says Visiongain


The global contract manufacturing sector will generate revenues of $64.07 billion in 2016, according…

GenericsGlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceutical

Asthma and COPD drug revenues to reach $43.8 billion in 2015, says Visiongain


Worldwide sales of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) drugs will reach a value of…

GlobalMarkets & MarketingPharmaceuticalRespiratory and Pulmonary

Growing global regulatory requirements challenge drug developers, says Tufts CSDD


As pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies increase the number of clinical trials they conduct…


EMA, FDA and international counterparts complete successful inspection pilots


Two pilot programs of collaboration on inspections between the European Medicines Agency, the US Food…


262 to 286 of 306 results

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