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Joint position to grow Australia's biopharmaceutical industry

Joint position to grow Australia's biopharmaceutical industry


Trade groups AusBiotech and Medicines Australia this morning published a joint statement sent to the…

AustraliaBiotechnologyFinancialMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalResearch

Pharma MNCs developing new pricing and market access strategies for India


New research suggest that certain multinational pharmaceutical companies (MNCs) are experimenting with…

IndiaMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPricing

Rapid growth for Indonesian pharma market, but weak IP enforcement poses threat

Rapid growth for Indonesian pharma market, but weak IP enforcement poses threat


Driven by increased government health care spending and growing life expectancy, the Indonesian pharmaceutical…

IndonesiaMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceutical

Vietnam's pharma market among the fastest growing in Southeast Asia


Vietnam is currently one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in Southeast Asia, recording a…

Asia-PacificMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPricing

India’s patents moves could see particular uncertainty for diabetes sector

India’s patents moves could see particular uncertainty for diabetes sector


The Indian government's decision to review patented drugs by multinationals, to allow for the manufacture…

Abbott LaboratoriesAsia-PacificDiabetesEli LillyIndiaMarkets & MarketingMerck & CoNovo NordiskPatentsPharmaceutical

Patent expiries will push Parkinson’s drug market lower by 2019


Due to upcoming patent expirations for four high-profile drugs, the global Parkinson’s disease (PD)…

GlobalImpax LaboratoriesMarkets & MarketingNeurologicalNewron PharmaPatentsPharmaceuticalpimavanserinRytarysafinamide

Indian pharmaceutical market to reach $56 billion by 2020, says GlobalData


Driven by the country’s growing economy and population income, the Indian pharmaceutical market will…

Asia-PacificMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalRegulation

Analyst's view on Irish pharma export woes


Following the news that Ireland's pharmaceutical industry has experienced a sharp fall in exports due…

EuropeMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalProduction

Enhanced IP protection for medicines will help Canada with trade agreements, says think-tank


Canada's protection of intellectual property (IP) in the pharmaceutical industry falls short of international…

Markets & MarketingNorth AmericaPatentsPharmaceutical

Market access barriers for multinationals, but Argentina still offers attractive pharma opportunities


Several barriers impede market access but the regulatory landscape in Argentina is changing and attractive…

BiotechnologyMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalRegulationSouth America

Government health care reforms foster development China's Pharma market, says F&S


Rising incomes, improving health care infrastructure and enhanced insurance systems have propelled the…

Asia-PacificGenericsHealthcareMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPolitics

CML drug revenue in Japan to grow, despite global decline, says GlobalData


Bucking a global trend of falling revenues, weak penetration of generic drugs and an increasing patient…

Asia-PacificBristol-Myers SquibbGleevecMarkets & MarketingNovartisOncologyPatentsPharmaceuticalSprycel

Neurodegenerative diseases market to survive patent cliff, due to new therapeutics


New market entrants are set to defend the neurodegenerative diseases market from the looming patent cliff,…

Markets & MarketingNeurologicalPatentsPharmaceutical

Argentina's pharma market to almost triple over one decade, says GlobalData


Argentina's pharmaceutical market is expected to grow from a value of around $5.6 billion in 2012 to…

GenericsMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalProductionRegulationSouth America

Portugal debt crisis strangling pharma sector growth


The Portuguese pharmaceutical market has struggled in recent years, and new government policies restraining…

EuropeGenericsMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPricing

Analysis of China government incentives for pharma


China remains an attractive target for pharmaceutical research and manufacturing, and major players from…

Asia-PacificLicensingMarkets & MarketingMergers & AcquisitionsPatentsPharmaceutical

Thailand flouts pharmaceutical patent protection; report


Lax enforcement of patent regulations in Thailand is alienating American intellectual property laws,…

Asia-PacificGenericsMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceutical

EU Commission sends antitrust complaint to Johnson & Johnson and Novartis


The European Commission has informed US health care giant Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) and Swiss drug…

DuragesicEuropefentanylGenericsJanssen-CilagJohnson & JohnsonLegalMarkets & MarketingNeurologicalNovartisPatentsPharmaceuticalSandoz

European Commission enforcement action in pharmaceutical sector following sector inquiry


Following its competition inquiry into the pharmaceutical sector of 2008/2009, the European Commission…

DuragesicEuropeGenericsJohnson & JohnsonLundbeckMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalServier

Patent cliff: one drugmaker's sorrow is another one's joy


The patent cliff has seen many drug majors lose their exclusivity on blockbuster drugs to generic makers…

DilantinGenericsLystedaMarkets & MarketingMylan LaboratoriesNorth AmericaPatentsPharmaceuticalWatson Pharmaceuticals

European Alzheimer's drug market to grow to $4.78 billion by 2019, says F&S


The patent expiry of all four existing European Medicines Agency-approved drugs for Alzheimer's disease…

AriceptEbixaEisaiEuropeExelon PatchLundbeckMarkets & MarketingNeurologicalNovartisPatentsPharmaceuticalResearch

Saudi Arabia aims to improve national health care with patent and drug approval changes


Saudi Arabia is taking back control of its health care industry, states a new report by the business…

GenericsHealthcareMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalRegulationRest of the World

EFPIA welcomes Commission policy strategy agenda to strengthen Pharma competitiveness


The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) welcomes the European Commission…

BiotechnologyEuropeMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPoliticsPricing

Pharma vs the world: Big Pharma caught between investors and public


Big Pharma today encounters a variety of pressures from generics manufacturers, governments, patient…

FinancialGenericsGlobalMarkets & MarketingPatentsPharmaceuticalPoliticsSanofi

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