Galena: Setting the record straight

18-03-2014 Seeking AlphaComments (0)

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With the plethora of articles on Galena Biopharma (GALE), and the articles I had written myself, some of which were interviews with the CEO of Galena, Mark Ahn, and some which are available to subscribers here on Seeking Alpha, the scenario has turned from a unique investment opportunity to a parade of questionable actions by more than a few people.

For the record, I myself did not find GALE by any of the so called "PR marketing approaches." I actually receive many of those little emails every single day and they take up zero time because to me that is not how selecting a stock should ever be done.

I was actually turned on to GALE by a friend of mine within the pharmaceutical industry who had been following the advances of the drug NeuVax, which had yet to complete Phase 2 clinical trials. By doing my own due


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