Is Galena Following In The Footsteps Of Insys With Abstral?

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On March 4, 2014, Insys (INSY) announced record sales of its drug Subsys. Subsys is the first and only sublingual spray for breakthrough cancer pain. Similarly, Abstral, by Galena (GALE), is the first and only fentanyl sublingual tablet for the management of breakthrough cancer pain. There are some similarities and of course some difference.


  • Both are very fast acting.
  • Both are sublingual.
  • Both cost roughly the same.
  • Both offer one month free trial.
  • Both are much faster at addressing breakthrough pain than Fentora or Actiq which were the market leaders. They are made by Teva Pharmaceutical.


  • Abstral is a sublingual muco-adhesive tablet that dissolves under the tongue within seconds. As the tablet dissolves, the adhesive makes the tablet stick to the surface of the tongue as the pain medication absorbs through the skin.
  • Abstral is more convenient and it is easier to use. There's no container to activate


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