J. Michael Pearson

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

mikepearson-cropped.jpgJ. Michael Pearson is Chief Executive Officer of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. He joined Valeant in February 2008 as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to joining Valeant, Mr Pearson was a Director at McKinsey & Company. Over a 23-year career, he worked with leading CEOs and was an integral driver of major turnarounds, acquisitions, and corporate strategy. Within McKinsey, Mr. Pearson held positions including: McKinsey's Board of Directors, head of the global Pharmaceutical Practice and head of McKinsey's mid-Atlantic region.

Mr Pearson holds a BS and BSE from Duke University and earned his MBA from University of Virginia, winning the Shermet Award. Mr Pearson is also an Eagle Scout.

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