Patrik De Haes

Chief Executive Officer

patrik-de-haes-verkleind.jpgDr Patrik De Haes has over 25 years of experience in the global healthcare industry, covering product development, marketing and general management. Before joining ThromboGenics as CEO in 2008, Dr De Haes was Head of Roche’s Global Insulin Infusion business.Prior to this, he was President and CEO of Disetronic Medical Systems Inc, a medical device company based in Minneapolis, USA.

He led the global development and commercialization of the first biotech product at Sandoz Pharma (now Novartis) in Switzerland. Dr De Haes holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Leuven.

Patrik De Haes has been elected as Chairman of FlandersBio as of May 2012.



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